Exploring Underground

In conjunction with our PADI Cavern Diver, PADI Intro To Cave Diver and PADI Cave Diver classes, we also welcome certified divers in those disciplines to join us and dive for fun.

Each day of the trip we will be diving locations that are suitable for certified divers at those levels. The instructor leading the trip will be able to provide you with site orientations and help you plan your dives. Certified divers are then responsible for carrying out their dive plan independently from the class.

Certified divers diving with on these trips must show proof of certification (if not certified with us), be properly equipped for their certification level and dive within the limits of their certification. You are responsible for your expenses including travel, lodging, food, fills, entry fees, etc.

If you are interested in joining us, contact the store to speak to the instructor leading the trip.

2019 Schedule

North Florida
February 17 - 22
May 26 - 31
August 4 - 9
December 8 - 13